Being Human award – 2020

About the Being Human award

The aim of the Being Human category is to give a unique insight into human behaviour, to capture those unforgettable moments that remind us who we are.

Whether showing the unique nature of man's endeavours, or mass participation or the solitude of 1 person on a personal journey, we want to see the stories that capture our hearts.


The photo and video winners of this category will receive International exposure and a guaranteed place in the 2020 exhibition and awards book.

1st place will have the chance to be selected for the overall prize for photo or video.

Winning a top 3 place in this category can either reinforce your existing expertise or help you launch your career.

First prize:

€250 cash
1 x copy of the Drone Pro Awards book 2020
Part of the 2020 exhibition

Second prize:

1 x copy of the Drone Pro Awards book 2020
Part of the 2020 exhibition

Third prize:

1 x copy of the Drone Pro Awards book 2020
Part of the 2020 exhibition


All entries are judged anonymously by a panel of experts in their respective fields.

Members and entrants to the award that have commercial pilot qualifications are able to participate in judging the industry awards.


For detailed rules, please continue to the entry page as the rules are specific to each entry type. Choose from the entry options at the top of the page.

Dates & Times

Entry start date:
1st November 2019
Closing date:
30th April 2020

How do I enter?

Please enter the competition by choosing your entry type. There are 3 entry types for most categories:

  • Single photo entry (Block of 4 individual photos)
  • Portfolio entry (Group of 6 themed photos)
  • Video entry (Single video clip up to 5 mins long)

If you are entering a paid competition you will need to purchase entry first.

Entry method:

Online submissions

Please upload your photos and videos to this website. Not all entry types are open at the same time. Please look out for individual entry dates by by continuing to the respective entry pages.

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