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DJI launches mavic mini

DJI launches mavic mini

Well I wasn't expecting that! Seems increasingly obvious that DJI are targeting the consumer mass market. Perhaps this is part of a tactical product launch to capture market share in seasonal sales. Lighter, smaller, for 'everyone'... 30 mins of flight time, this seems like an 'aerial selfie' product aimed at anyone that wants to take selfies to the next level. There's certainly little or no attention paid to 'safe distance' instruction with most of the filming taking place in close proximity, well to almost everything! People are also encouraged in the videos to personalise their mavic mini by drawing on the back of it. At £369 for the base model it's not quite as accessible as it may seem. I can't really see many parents buying one of these for their kids for christmas, but then DJI seem to know their market pretty well... perhaps it fits in that category of 'people buying it for the kids, but actually it's for them'? Either way, perhaps this is the turning point where we see far more drones operating in close quarters by people who would be unlikely to anticipate any kind of aerial laws or restrictions but just want to take some personal videos and snaps. Could this be more of an aviation authority pester power product released tactically by DJI to encourage relaxation of the law? Who knows, but can't wait to find out.
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