About Drone Pro Awards

The Drone Pro Award's aim is to define standards in the Industry, with the Industry and to set the bar for drone photography and film.

Our primary goal is to showcase talent from across the industry and to pay respect to the people who dare to reach new heights in one of our 8 categories - from photography to safety. Launching on the 1st December with our photography and film awards, we will invite submissions from all over the world, to participate, have fun, learn and discuss what makes our Industry media so special.

Launching on the 1st January 2019, the remaining 6 categories - the Industry categories - will showcase how the Industry has and is developing, rewarding those organisations that have gone the extra mile to get it right.

The Drone Pro team is made up of drone operators, pilots, camera operators, photographers and film makers. The Drone Pro Awards is run by photography company Fotoura Ltd.